About Unique Venues of London

Unique Venues of London is a consortium of over 80 unusual event venues around the capital. ranging from museums and galleries to historic houses and colleges, the vast range of venues reflect the spirit, tradition and cosmopolitan buzz of the city.


Unique Venues of London was established in 1993, as a membership organisation of 18 unique and specialist properties within the capital. Now, with 81 member venues from across the industry, the organisation is in an excellent position to comment on market trends and other issues on behalf of both its members and all London based venues. The organisation has the support of London & Partners, VisitBritain and the London Mayor, who all take an active interest in the group’s activity.

Limited by guarantee with no share capital, the company is governed by a Memorandum of Association.  The 81 member venues are located within London, England, meet strict Criteria for Membership, pay an annual subscription fee based on declaration of annual turnover and subsequent placement within one of five membership bands. The subscription fees and ancillary income generated by the company are used entirely to support the Purpose and Vision of Unique Venues of London Ltd.


For further information about Unique Venues of London and its members, please email enquiries@uniquevenuesoflondon.co.uk 

For any PR or press enquiries regarding Unique Venues of London please email Henry Rubinstein at Triggerfish Communications on henry@triggerfish.co.uk 

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