It’ll be all fright on the night!

The witching hour is close at hand as Halloween draws ever closer. At Unique Venues of London, there’s plenty of atmosphere to be had as our members embrace the spooky season!    

Palaces and Poltergeists

GhostSome of London’s historic palaces are hosting an array of special events to chill the blood. The Tower of London is transforming itself for an after-dark, immersive experience, Nightwatchers, in which visitors will be led on a journey through code-breakers, law enforcers and religious extremists. At Kensington Palace, the public are invited on an eerie evening tour, exploring three centuries-worth of secrets and spine-tingling stories hidden within the walls of the building.

Historically HauntingGrave

Sixteenth Century Syon Park has its fair share of spectral stories and intrigue aplenty. As the sun sets on 30th October, visitors will be taken on a Halloween tour to hear tales of tragic priests, doomed monarchs and loyal servants, all of whom met sinister and sticky ends. Steel your nerves for a sensational, supernatural experience.

Eek! In the East End

Transport yourself back in time to the foggy streets of Victorian London where the frightening sounds of cackling old crones and the unsettling tune of the hurdy-gurdy man creates a creepy cacophony. At the Museum of London, Docklands there will be shivers galore as visitors Witchtake a tour of the exhibits and the surrounding docklands by night.

Family Frights

There’s plenty to do for families this Halloween beyond the usual trick Skullor treating and apple bobbing. ZSL London Zoo is showing a spooky side with their collection of spiders and snakes taking centre stage. South of the river, ghost ships are taking over Cutty Sark, where a special workshop of sea monster-inspired shadow puppets will offer enchantment for all ages.

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