How to… stage the perfect summer engagement

It’s the big moment that every romantic dreams of, popping the question! But how can you make sure this magical occasion is even more memorable? Fleur Burrows-Jones, hospitality events sales and marketing manager and Rhiannon Kirk, sales executive at the National Theatre gives her essential tips to ensure the perfect engagement.The Deck - engagement

Well, for starters, it’s all about location, location, location! Picking the perfect space is essential to make sure your soon-to-be-betrothed goes weak at the knees. If possible try and pick somewhere with a personal connection to both or a venue which benefits from stunning views, a majestic interior or breathtaking grounds – it will guarantee that the occasion is truly memorable.

For example, our venue, The Deck sits atop The National Theatre offering a stunning, panoramic view over the iconic London Skyline. At sunset (or at any other time of the day), it is heart-meltingly beautiful; the ideal place to begin a lifetime of making memories together.

When you’ve sorted the location, what next? Theming, of course! Aside from a vast array of elegant, unusual and unique spaces, most heritage and landmark venues can also theme their rooms to create a highly personalised experience. This could be anything from filling the room with your fiancée’s favourite flowers to creating a treasure hunt through the building, culminating in finding the engagement ring.

As such, it’s always worth asking the venue’s team to see what they can do. For example, The Deck boasts hi-tech, customisable lighting allowing you to dazzle your darling with an atmospheric glow in their favourite colour.

Finally, why not really augment the experience and splash out by adding a little entertainment to the proceedings. At the National theatre we benefit from an amazing depth of different performers from jazz pianists to virtuoso violinists through our NT Talent Agency. There are plenty of other performing arts and music venues who are members of Unique Venues of London who can similarly offer a host of highly-specific entertainers on request.

There you have it: the location, the theming, the entertainment and the bending of one knee. It’s the recipe for a perfect proposal.

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