Sumptuous summer catering trends

Award-winning event caterer Seasoned has some rather clued up foodies on the team, so who best to bring you the latest food trends from in and around London.

The Paleo Diet

There is a growing demand for more health conscious dining experiences in London and the word on the street is Paleo.  With the launch of Pure Taste in Notting Hill offering a fine dining Paleo diet friendly menu, Chef Holly Redman is setting the pace for the latest food movement. This is a rapid response to the growing interest on Pinterest and every health magazine for recipes for Paleo friendly meals we can prepare at home.

The paleo diet aims to recreate the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors focusing on pastured and wild meat, nuts, seeds, eggs and plenty of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit. Basically no grains, dairy or processed foods are allowed in the Paleo diet, with the primary focus being health and not historical re-enactment.

Take for example the humble avocado which can be used as a substitute for butter, giving you that creamy velvety texture we know and love, but without the saturated fat of dairy. We have done some experimenting and it works a treat, particularly for sandwiches in the office (on paleo friendly bread of course)! We have also fallen for the colourful plates of food rustled up on We recommend you give it a try for a cleaner, greener you.


The word superfood is still spreading like wildfire! Clients on a budget sometimes make a choice… expensive ingredients or expensive logistics? The winter months see the latter winning every time but as the sunshine starts to appear the optimism and drive is for FRESH.  With raw foods and the ongoing love for fresh ingredients the salad bar is coming out by popular demand.  It’s SUPER INGREDIENTS that are winning over HOT FOOD.

But we are not talking leaf and dressing. No, we are talking smoked trout, pumpkin, black rice and goji berries or seared duck and watermelon with toasted cashew nuts and sticky pear. The salad world is well and truly rocking.

It’s the conference market that’s taking advantage of such changes, shifting from working lunches to Kraft boxes packed full of these ‘deli’ salads, but of course they come with visual bonuses too.  Perhaps we are still trail blazing on Ottolenghi’s toes but bountiful bowls of grains and leaves really do paint a pretty picture.

A taste of Korea

Asian fusion has been a much loved staple of the Londoners diet for years with chains like Busaba Ethai taking a lion’s share of the ‘on the hoof’ sharing table lunches.  But it’s the spices and tastes of Korea that are the popular go-to of the moment, with new places popping up with their grills on every corner. Where the street food legends Kimchinary started, On The Bap is continuing. It’s pear kimchi and fried chicken wings in soy and spicy pork belly keep us reaching for more.


Smoked meat

Pulled pork was 2014’s most loved brioche bun filler but this year it’s the turn of smoked brisket, rubbed in sweet paprika, coriander, cumin and thyme, slow cooked for four to five hours over hickory, doused with a Modelo and rested until it sighs! Smokestack has been running awash with brisket at their residences, Hawker House and Exchange Square, over the winter and are set to continue. Watch out for the newly opened Hot Box in Spitalfields which will join the ranks with their love of ‘craft meats’ and smoked beef short rib.

Keep up to date with seasoned through the Unique Venues of London event supplier page.

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